5.14 Repercussions


“Shhhh, you’re going to wake her.” I heard a soft voice whisper.

“I’m being as quiet as I can.” I heard another voice, not as soft, snap.

I opened my eyes and looked over.


“Is that her moving? Spens did you wake her up!?” Maya asked, her head tilted in my direction.

“Yes, she is moving, and no, she woke herself up.” Spenser said.

“Sissy!” Maya exclaimed, a large smile breaking out on her face. I stood up and made my way to her.


“Hey, you.” I said, wrapping her in a hug. She squeezed me tight.

“I missed you so much!” She exclaimed.

“Yea, we’re glad your back. Everyone’s downstairs waiting for you. You’ve been out for about a day. Rowan gave you a really strong spell.” Spenser said, patting me on my back. I pulled away from Maya and nodded.


“Alright, let’s go then. Where are we anyway?” I asked.

“Uhm, Silven’s house. He and Juniper had this place built before the fire. Once he got better they moved in.” Spenser explained. I looked at her, feeling there was something she wasn’t telling me, but I nodded.


“I’m sorry I couldn’t rescue you. I tried, but Ezra stopped me.” I said as we stepped into the hall. “And…I’m sorry for Alex, and for yelling at you all, and everything else I put you through.” Maya squeezed my arm.

“It’s okay, Lo, we never held that against you.” Maya said. We went down the stairs and the girls lead me into the sitting area.


“Oh, Logan you’re awake!” Juniper exclaimed, smiling at me. Silven smiled and nodded.

“Yea, uhm, nice house.” I said, unsure of why everyone was just sitting here. My eyes scanned the room as Maya and Spenser went to take their seats. “Where’s Ezra?” I asked, not seeing him. Juniper’s smile faltered and she reached for Silven’s hand.

“Ezra is..” Silven began. A cry interrupted him and Juniper stood up.


“I’ll get them.” She said, walking out of the room. I watched her, then flicked my eyes back to the group.

“What’s going on?” I asked, leveling my gaze at Silven.

“I think we have a lot to talk about. Come, sit and I’ll catch you up and answer any questions you have.” He said, motioning to the seat beside him. I bit my lip, feeling an uneasy. I made my way to the group and sat next to Silven.


“Right, so…” Silven asked, leaning back. “I guess I’ll start at the beginning. About a month after the crash Juniper and I found out she was pregnant. She gave birth to twin boys. We named them Cal and Aron.”

“I-I had no idea.” I said, shocked. They would be about 2 and a half now. “I’m an aunt?” I asked. Silven nodded.


“Yes, but we didn’t tell you. I didn’t trust you around them once you…began using. Soon after the boys were born Juniper got a request to be head surgeon at Hidden Springs Hospital. She accepted the position and applied for a house here. Her request was granted and we began the building. As you know, Hidden Springs residents aren’t ever questioned by the government. However, they can have no affiliation with Supernaturals. This was the safest place for the boys and since Juniper and I weren’t married, and the government believes the whole family, except you, was killed in the fire, we were glad for the safety.”

I nodded, taking it all in. I didn’t blame him from hiding the children from me at all. “What about the Resistance?” I asked.


“We now hold our meetings here. But since there’s no suspicion of Hidden Springs we don’t have to worry about government Weres snooping around.” He explained. I nodded again, taking a deep breath.

“That explains your family. What…what about Ezra.” I asked, our last conversation on replay in my mind.

“Ezra…” Silven muttered, running his hand through his hair. “Ezra didn’t regroup with Rowan at the appointed spot. So, Rowan left with you and brought you here.” My heart fell to my stomach. “Uncle Gavin, Uncle Jake, and Rowan are out looking for him now.”


My vision blurred and I wrapped my arms around myself. The twins’ cries suddenly sounded far away.

“Logan.” I heard Maya call, pulling me back. “Logan, sissy, did you…do you love him?” She asked. Spencer and Silven’s eyes watched me.


“I…” I didn’t want to be here, on the spot. Ezra was gone, because of me. Again, someone was gone because of me. He could be dead. He could have had his limbs ripped from his body, or suffered some other grotesque and painful death because of me. Once again I let someone in, I let someone break through my walls, and again they were gone.

“Logan?” Silven asked quietly at my side. “Maya, take her back to her room, please.”


From some faraway place I felt Maya take my arm and help me up from the couch, leading me through the house. I felt her help me into the bed and sit next to me whispering things. But I couldn’t hear her, I didn’t care. Ezra was gone, dead or being tortured and I could do nothing to help him. If only I had told him I loved him before he left. Would he have been able to make it out? Again, our last scene together played through my head.


“Logan Belle, I love you.” He whispered, gold eyes staring straight into mine. I froze, mind and heart warring with each other. I bit my lip, forcing myself to focus. It was hard.


“I love you too.” I whisper.


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