5.7 Dance With The Devil

AN: Warning guys. There are drugs and some sexual activity in this chapter. Nothing major. Clothes/underwear stay on. So yea, not too bad. But if any of that makes you uncomfortable read at your own risk.


It was late as I walked down the alley. Night’s dark blanket had covered Starlight Shores hours ago. I glanced behind me as I turned the corner, making sure no one was following me. The man that night at the park had been right. The drugs did make it go away. When I was on a high the guilt and pain disappeared. His name was Alex. He was a vampire and a dealer.


“Nice to see you Logan.” His smooth voice said. It sent shivers down my body. I didn’t know what it was but something about this vampire was a drug all on its own. That was one thing I usually looked forward to about my agreement. I didn’t pay him money. Instead I gave him me. As long as there were no paparazzi around, or anyone to see what was happening I was all for it. It wasn’t love but by now my body yearned for drugs and when I was on them, men. When I was sober I felt the shame, but I rarely let myself be sober these days. So I would sleep around, finding comfort for a few hours at a time in someone else’s arms. I always came back to Alex though.


“You too, Alex.” I said, my voice raspy. I was coming down, and I need that to change. Alex smirked and pulled me to him.

“What will it be tonight?” He purred, his glowing eyes boring into mine. I shivered again, feeling the needs of my body pull at me.


“Whatever you’ve got.” I whispered, leaning into him. His fangs brushed my neck then his lips pushed against my lips. His hands grabbed at my back. He was just as hungry for this as I was. I closed my eyes and let him move me onto his car. Shame began to trickle into my mind, but was silenced when he set two tabs into my hand. I popped them in quickly and hoped they would take affect soon.


“These should work fine.” He kissed me again, more forcefully. He had given me what I wanted; now he wanted his payment. Our hands grabbed at each other and our bodies moved together. The drugs hadn’t kicked in yet and I pulled away for a second. At the same time Alex pulled away and looked around.

“Were you followed?” He asked, eyes scanning the back alleyway.

“No.” I whispered. His cold hand gripped mine and he pulled me off the car.


“Get in.” He whispered, pushing me to the passenger side. I obliged and climbed in. He hopped into the driver’s side and sped off towards his house.


As the car turned the corner two figures emerged from their hiding spots.

“Not much of a princess is she?” The figure in gray asked. The other tensed.

“Shut up, Rowan.” The red jacket figure said, anger heavy in his voice.


“Ezra, this is ridiculous. We can’t protect her if she’s willing throwing herself into trouble. A vampire?! Really?!” Rowan exclaimed.

“She’s hurting, Rowan. She doesn’t know what they threatened her mother with and Athena is in no shape to explain it to her. Hell, the woman has barely even left her house in the past year; much less hold a full conversation with Logan. Everyone in that house walks on eggshells around the poor girl.” Ezra argued as the two began to walk.


“I don’t see how this child is going to lead the Resistance once she turns 18. I know Keighlyn thought she was the strongest, but look at her, dancing with a devil like she’s got nothing to loose.” Rowan spat.

“Everyone loses control at some point and since we have specific orders to not show ourselves to her then she has to figure this out herself.” Ezra sighed.

“That hasn’t kept you from holding her at night.” Rowan sneered. Ezra just shook his head, not falling for the bait. The two began to make their way after the car, continuing their protection of Logan Belle.



We pulled into his drive way and he pulled me from the car. The drugs were still not working and I was crashing. I stumbled behind him through his house and into his room. I felt tears begin to spill over my eyes. Why had I let myself fall so far? I began to wonder. Would I ever be able to climb out of this mess?


Alex picked me up, leaning me against the wall and kissed me. “Quiet.” He soothed, staring at me with those glowing orange eyes. “I’ll make it all better.” He pushed his lips against mine again. I closed my eyes and forced the thoughts from my mind and focused on him.


By the time he had me on the bed all thoughts were gone and I was back to the glorious numbness that these escapes gave me.


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