1.8 Little Words


Val had a baby. Tiff and Val had a baby. A beautiful little girl named Kara that Tiffany had adopted from her young niece in France. Val was so excited she could hardly contain herself. As soon as the initial surprise faded Tiff realized they had overlooked baby furniture. So they bundled Kara up and went out shopping. Tiffany had to do all the heavy lifting since Val wouldn’t put the little girl down. 


Val was able to work from home, and now that little Kara was here she took advantage of that. She worked on potty training.


She worked on talking. “Can you say yeti?” Val asked

“Yeh-ee”  Kara repeated, making Val laughed, which in turn made Kara laugh.

“Oh sunshine.” Val smiled, “You’re doing great.”


Kara learned how to walk as well. Her steps were wobbly at first, but quickly grew stronger.

“Mama! I did it!” Kara exclaimed when she took her first steps on her own. Val laughed and gathered her up in her arms. 


“Yay Kara!” She said,tickling her. Kara’s giggles filled the room. After months of work Kara could finally walk, talk, and use the bathroom on her own. “Oh Kara you’re getting so big!” She said, snuggling her daughter to her. The door opened again and Kara squirmed to look. “Mama!” She said, reaching out for Tiffany, who just walked through the door.

“Kara!” Tiffany called back, reaching out to take Kara from Val.

“Mama! Mama has supise fo you.” She said, really trying to get those r’s out. They still caused her trouble.

“Oh really?” She asked, looking around for the vanished Val.

“Mhm. To da kitzen!” Kara exclaimed, pointing towards the kitchen.


Tiffany set Kara down as she walked into the kitchen. “Oh, little bird.” Tiffany said with a smile. “You didn’t have to.”

Val laughed. “Kara insisted on cake.” she looked down at their daughter. She was getting so big. Soon she would be having her own cake. The thought brought tears to the corners of Val’s eyes.

“Mmmmm, cake!” Kara exclaimed.

Val scooped up Kara. “What did we rehearse baby?” She asked.

Kara giggled. “Habby birfday to mama! Habby birfday to mama! Habby birfday to mamaaaa! Habby birfday to yooooooou!” She sang, following Val’s lead.

The three laughed and Tiffany leaned to blow out her candles.

Tiffany changed her look now that she was older. It’d been a couple years since Uni and she decided it was time to look more adult. She of course let Kara and Val help her pick it out.

A couple months passed with Kara still growing like a weed. Then, before they knew it Val and Kara had their birthday.


Val blew out her candles and wish that Kara would grow up to be beautiful and talented.


She changed clothes and hair real quick then ran out for Kara’s celebration.


Kara was so proud when she blew out her candles all on her own. She giggled as Val set her down. “Mama Imma big girl!!” She exclaimed. Val felt a few tears fall from her eyes and Tiff came  and hugged her. Val looked up and saw moisture in Tiff’s eyes as well.

Kara giggled and ran off to the bathroom. “I’m tired of having my hair down mamas!” She exclaimed as she ran.



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